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I will probably write about you for the rest of my life.


He fought the urge to tell her about his idea. It came to him in the early morning, just hours after they had met. He waited four days.

Do you want to hear it?


It’s a romantic comedy. A sad guy falls in love with a female burglar when he wakes up and spies her robbing him. He starts buying nice stuff so she’ll come back.

Does she come back?

I don’t know yet, I guess. She seems nice, though.


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Reflections on Kitasono Katue: Surrealist Poet http://bit.ly/1apAQj9
Kitasono Katue, Plastic Poem Homage to J.F. Bory (Hommage à J.F. Bory), 1967, on  page 20 of the periodical VOU, no. 113, January 1968, collection of John Solt 
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~   Vargus, Archie’s Final Project  (via pale-afternoon)

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John VIrtue - Norfolk No. 63 (2010)
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The woman was afraid. She was afraid of being afraid. So she kissed the soldier whom she did not know, kissed him beneath the maple tree on the edge of her uncle’s farm. He whispered in her ear. They went into the house. When he left she did not love him any more than when she had kissed him. 

Six weeks later she tried to shoot herself. She missed – not because she didn’t have the courage, but because she hadn’t the foggiest notion where her heart was.